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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For those of you who are new to my blog, 
I have deemed 2013 the year of Fitness!

This was a goal that i set with a few friends of mine.
We decided that each month this year we would do some kind of race or obstacle course.
Yes that is right, we signed up for 13 races!

Most of them and fun and different so we are not just running a boring 5K.
We are doing things like the color run, the martini mile, and a few other races that will be fun to compete in.
A few weeks ago we for sure did the hardest challenge of the year. It is called 

With this challenge you HAVE to prepare months in advance.  This challenge is not for the weak!
You walk 10+ miles, it is 12+ hours long, and you have to carry your 30 lb ruck sack along with other items THE WHOLE TIME!

This was a true test of my strength and ability.
we did push ups...leg kicks, bear crawls on land and in the COLD water...

 we carried this 35 foot tree for THREE MILES

But most importantly I learned how lucky we are to live in the a country that is free and guarded by so many military members that sacrifice so much for us each day.

You meet some amazing people who push you and help you to push yourself mentally and physically through the challenge.  It is an AMAZING experience and i cant wait to do it again in August! 

So if you are looking for a GREAT physical challenge I HIGHLY suggest the Go Ruck Challenge!
It was by far one of the hardest things that i have done physically.  But it was so rewarding making it through the night and earning my patch.  I have made some amazing friends from the challenge and it is an experience i will never forget.  

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Oh my goodness, I want to do the Go Ruck Challenge! About how long would you say you need to prepare for it? I seriously would love to participate.

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