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Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Monday My Blogging Buddies!
I hope that you guys were able to have a nice productive week!
I know that i always wish i had one more day in the weekend to relax

Well, Today is Monday so you know what that means?
Its Monday Instagram Hop Time!!

This week I have yet another great co-host!
I would like to introduce to you guys Erin! 
You can find her blog HERE
AND you can also find her on Instagram HERE

Erin post some GREAT post about her and her family.  She has some great Q&A post, some funny celebrity post, not to mention she does hew own "Weigh In Wednesday" blog hop each Wednesday to create a support circle for those of you who are on your own health and fitness journey.  So if you have a moment PLEASE take some time to swing by her blog and/or instagram page! 

So here is your chance to reach out and meet some new people! Add YOUR Instagram name below and hop around to a few other! If you find a few that you like please feel free to follow them.  

This week I REQUEST (but you do not have 2 if you do not want 2! I can't/won't make you do anything that you do not want to do!!) that you go and follow me and my co-host via Instagram
After all...this is a Instagram hop! 

So...Ready...Set...GO HOP! :-)
Have a marvelous Monday!!

**P.S. Looking for Co-Host for this Instagram hop! So please contact me if you are interested!**

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