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Friday, June 8, 2012

Ok...so i usually do not do these kind of post...BUT i just felt like i should support a fellow blogger with such a great informative cause.

One of my favorite bloggers Janna
Has come up with an amazing series that i actually think is a great idea and i have not seen many bloggers actually talk about or try to encourage or educate their followers about. 
She is starting a "Piggy bank Budget Challenge"

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I was on my own starting at the age of 17.  I learned how to manage and save money at a very young age and i am so so so grateful that i was able to learn this type of skill so early because i am able to reap the benefits of it today.  I keep AVID records of my finances and i have a monthly budget set for going out to eat...traveling for modeling gigs...for bills...and for any other expenses i may have from month to month.
As i am getting older, i am realizing that not all of my friends are as money savvy as i am and it KILLS ME!
I have a friend that can not save money to save her life! As soon as she gets it she blows it...she is always "Broke" and complaining of always living check to check...i try to passively give her advice...but that of course annoys her.  One thing i have leaned during my college career is that you can not help anyone who does not want to be helped. it will either make the situation worse or you can lose someone as a friend.  

But...back to the cause of this post...i thought i would participate in her Piggy Bank Challenge and tell my next money saving goal. 
Although i already have an active emergency fund and savings account...my new challenge is to start a new fund to save of for a particular reason...

a fund to save up money to go see my boyfriend!

Since we are long distance it takes a little more effort and a little more of me saving money so i can get a plane ticket to go see him.

My plan of action....cut my "out to eat" budget in half
...cut $50 out of my monthly shopping budget...
and being more resourceful (like if i do go out to eat and there is a free salad that i don't eat get no dressing on it and take it to go to have for lunch the next day...or walking to work more since i live about a mile from school/work to help cut down on my gasoline budget)
There are so many little things you can do or change about your daily life that will allow you to save extra money for whatever you want over a few months.  If you cut out the little things they add up over time!

My tips to saving $:
  • Every paycheck...take a certain amount of money or percentage of money and put it in savings. (i take 20% of my paycheck and dump it into my savings and i take 5% of that 20% and dump it in my emergency fund)
  • try couponing!! (yes it may take a little time but last year i calculated that i saved OVER $500 by using coupons and price matching at Wal-Mart!! Yes look at the small local stores ad papers and take it to wally world! They will match the price of stores within a 90 mile radius...def something to look into if you don't already do it!)
  • make your lunch for the week instead of eating out! I eat out once maybe twice a week (weekly dine dates with the ladies) and i always cut my meal in half to have for lunch the next day (so yes 2 meals for the price of one) But you can get a package of chicken for $6...frozen veggies about $1 a bag...package of pasta about $1.40 a bag (whole wheat pasta)...and pasta sauce about $1.50 a jar (or use spices which is less calories and actually packs more flavor!)...salad in a bag about $3...fresh fruits or veggies about $10 (depending on what you get) That is a total of about $20 that can feed you lunch and dinner for a week! compared to $10-$20 for just a meal each time you go out! 
  • I try not to buy any new clothes that are full price. Lets be realistic! They will go on sale in a few months.  I stalk the clearance racks of all of my favorite stores and they are ALWAYS having online specials with % off and free shipping...so you can get the outfit you want for 1/2 the price!
  • You complain of no time to exercise each day? Walk...run...or bike to work! The perfect time to get in your workout.  I usually walk since i live so close to my job and school.  This DRASTICALLY cut down on my car gasoline bill each month!
So there...i hope this post...and my girl Janna's Blog spark some kind of motivation to help or encourage others to start being a little more money wise.  I hope the tips i shared and the tips Janna shared will be helpful to those who are looking for guidance on how to start being a little more money wise. 

I know i do not make a ton of money...but because i save and i watch what i do spend my money on i am able to take 2 trips each year with my girls...i am able to go home for the holidays...i am able to have all of my bills paid on time...and i still have money left over to go out to eat or go shopping.  It is all about planning and budgeting and setting goals as well as sticking to them!

Happy Friday guys! 

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GurlNxtDoor said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This was a super post! I've not been a very good "saver" in my adulthood, I made some poor money choices in college and I'm still paying for them and trying make better habits now. Thanks for providing a tiny kick in the rear in the right direction!

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i love this! i always transfer money to savings (or onto my CC) with each paycheck. i hope this works for you!!! THANKS for linking up with Just Because Friday today! ♥

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great tips! I coupon a lot & have been for years (since college). And when I get paid I take out a certain amount. & when I have to reach in that part of that savings, I have to put whatever I took out & put it back plus the regular amount I tend to save each month.
Also, if there's any parents out there, I think teaching your child finances or how to save & the importance would be helpful as well :)
Good luck!

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