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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

...*sigh*...Today is Wednesday...

last night, i was not able to sleep well at all.
despite the fact that i laid in bed for almost a hour before i slightly dozed off, only to be waken up by the bass of my roomies stereo system...despite the fact that i tossed and turned all night still trying to find that one comfortable spot...despite the fact that my mind was racing with things that i did not get done yesterday...despite the fact that my mind was racing with things that i need to get done today...despite the fact that my own personal issues were/are still heavy on my mind...and despite the fact that i had the feeling that i had to make myself go to sleep because i knew i had to be up at 4:00 AM...i still managed to get enough rest that i am not dog tired this morning.

so as i hop out of bed (at the very last minute)...race to brush my teeth, do something to my hair, put on my work clothes, find my shoes, gather the things i need for the day, take my vitamin, and run out the door...i still managed to throw a smile on my face.

As the summer slowly approaches i realize all the things that i do need to get done and to be honest that list is not very long this year. on top of work out and study for the MCAT there is nothing else that really excites me or gives me something to look forward to for this summer. oh not to mention getting my wisdom teeth pulled out :-/

Well on another note i am finally getting my car fixed...
i had a small incident back in August (yes last August)
i was going on a trip to see someone and a semi-truck decided to shower me with loose gravel as they were going entirely too fast on a small two lane highway. no major damage was done. just cracks in my windshield...lots of dents and scratches to my hood and front bumper...minor scratches on the right passenger side of my car from swerving and landing somewhat 1/2 in the shoulder and 1/2 in the grass of the country road that i was on...but after finally biting the bullet i took my baby in to get her cosmetic surgery done. i waited so long because yes my insurance paid for the damages, but i had a hefty $500 deductible i was not too happy about paying. but after working my butt off these past few months i managed to get other more important things paid for as well as slowly save up the cash to get my car fixed.

i must say i got pretty lucky with the rental car that i got while my car is being fixed. it is a Chrysler Sebring. it is not too shabby. it has leather seats (and yes they are heated but def not needed seeing as it is summer time). not to mention the AWESOME satellite radio that it comes with. KVegas does not usually carry such high caliber type rental cars. usually you are lucky to get a car that has cruise control...but this car indeed has all the bells and whistles. and lucky for me i have it for the whole week! i find myself just driving around just to jam out to the satellite radio. I will say the leather seats are very nice and the stereo is pretty amazing...but i def miss my baby right about now. but i will have her back in a few days and she will look as good as new. i am happy that i finally have the time to get her fixed up just in time for the summer time.

well its time to actually get to work....
Lord please let it be a good day...happy patients = happy nurses = happy doctors = Me having a good day!

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