Friday, February 5, 2010

well...i know i have the WORST PROBLEM at forgettig things...but i have been getting alot better. i dont know i just made more of an effort to rememebr things that i see, hear...or just things around me in general. im sure i could always pay more attention but there are things that everyone can work on.,

well this is my last Think Pink week as me being a member of the Mu Tau chapter. this year has been AMAZING!!! i love the current ACTIVE members and we are very efficent and get alot of things done that need to get done. I really will miss them. This remindes me of the chapter back when all of my ship was here! *tear*...LoL

but it really has been alot of fun to be with these ladies and endure this semester and all the other tasks we had. i really enjoyed growing with all of them and i am excited to see what they do with the chapter next year and what new members we get in the future. :)

well im at work...im about to get off to go to the lock in at the Rec. Tomorrow is the neophyte ceramony and then the "pretty nasty party" with the omegas from Mizzou and LU. so it should be a pretty fun weekend. the only downfall is that it is snowing :-( but that is what you get when you live in the midwest during the late winter months...i CANT WAIT FOR THE WARM TO GET HERE!!!!!

...............until next time..............

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