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Thursday, February 11, 2010

i have found that when i wake up...and pray..my day starts off so much better. i feel so much better throughout the day and just overall have an overall more enjoyable day. I am going to make it a habbit of it...i came up with this little saying when i was just praying...

First let us give glory to the lord father almighty. Father of heaven and earth, creator of all things. He hath made this soul and this body, and may his grace, wisdom, and patients be bestowed upon me. We ask that he bless all of his children, for he is worthy of praise.

i dunno it just popped in my head. so i wrote it down. i am prob gonna change it up a bit but i really like it. i guess its just something for me to say. :)

well about to go make rounds so i can finally get off of work!!!!

.................until next time...........

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