Saturday, June 21, 2008

"shifting eyes, wondering mind, fragile heart"
One fine summer day i was walking down the street
i was in my swag was apparent to see
as i glance up from sending a text on my cellphone
i catch a glimpse of a girl that i use to know
i use to know her very well if i must say...
we went way back to the years of yesterday
yesterday when i was a child and still growing into to me
yesterday when we would talk and be friendly
but now and today that all has changed
to be honest i don't even know what to say
i know Ive put my hard feelings at bay
but for her i can tell she doesn't feel the same way
I'm glad you found a new friend that's loyal to you
maybe this friend wont judge or even try to help you
help you in the ways you asked me 2
but hey i guess that's not the definition of a friend to you
i can still tell you have a lot of feelings trapped deep inside
a lot of which come from your own pride
yea you have baggage that i cant tend too
but neither can any man that tries to get close to you
i guess these feelings are what harbor you
b/c i know i see it when i see you
and that smile i for sure can see through

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