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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

highlight of my week...getting new workout gear!!
Its the small things in life that make me happy! :-)

my 2nd home! 
i am here everyday! 
It is nice to start making gym buddies! 
and i def start to dislike some of the ppl that come to the gym and hog up all the machines :-/

gotta share my TOUGH MUDDER gear!!!
This stuff CAN NOT be bought! it has to be EARNED!

Yup...thats my calf...def made some sexy legs over the past few months!!

soooo a friend of mine has a son!
and this past week was his bday! so Mr. Awesome and I got him a balloon and a gift card so he can go and get ANY toy that he wants at the toy store...he was WAY more excited about that darn balloon!! and played with it the whole time i was there visiting him...*sigh* kids...LoL

picked up some "junk food" to gobble up the second i step off of the stage on Saturday! LoL
I seriously spent almost a HOUR walking up and down the isles at the store trying to find junk food to enjoy after the show...i could only find a few!! that stuff does not appeal to me anymore! :-( but i guess its not a bad thing.  But i do plan on getting some pizza and a few other things. then its back to training! I have another show i might do! i am  HUGE fan of chocolate peanut butter fan. you guys def should try it!!

and that is in a nut shell...my life this week!
It is a NICE week b/c i have NO STUDYING to worry about!!! WOO-HOO!!
not until next week. i do have a 20 page paper i am working on :-/  
but hey i would much rather write a paper than spend hours studying!


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Good luck tomorrow! :)

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