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Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday!
Yes i know i know...it is MONDAY...and this post is titled "LoL Sunday"...
.....BBBBBBUUUUTTTT i was soooo busy walking in Kansas City Fashion Week that i was unable to update my post this past week!!!
Yup...thats right...i was in KC Fashion week again and i had an AMAZING time! 
I met some amazing ppl...got to wear some AMAZING clothes...not to mention i had some great photo shoots with some AMAZING photographers....look at these yall! I would have to say that i am officially a model!! :-)

what do you guys think?

yup...that is what i have been doing the past week! Modeling...Modeling...and MORE modeling...oh yea and a little bit of school and a WHOLE lot of studying! LoL

I hope that you guys had an amazing week!
Without any further delays here are your LoL moments for this week!
I hope they bring a smile to your face :-)

giggle, giggle!

Ex Boyfriend

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Theresa Mahoney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Please tell me you got to keep that dress! It is so pretty!

Oh yeah, and the rest of the LOL Sunday was pretty funny too! Though I was very distracted by that amazing dress! :)

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