Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is me....everyday....

this picture depicts how i feel...almost everyday! LoL this damn anatomy class has me studying non stop! its not fun at all!!!!

well today was a good day

got some really good sleep last night (although me and HIM have spent the night with eachother for the past 6 nights but not last night :( i will admiti did miss havin him there but it was nice to stretch out in my bed and not have to worry about rollin over on anyone...but it is nice to have someone to snuggle up with...)

woke up...had some GOOD breakfast...even tho it was raining outside it made it pretty cold in the house. reminded me that winter time is coming soon :(

got dressed...and walked to class....classes were ok...oh and i listend to Foregn Exchange all morning. it just put a lil extra pep in my step for some reason...its nice when you find some songs that just motivate you throughout the day...

oh yea i called HIM to make sure he was awake early b/c he had a test to study for and i told him i would call and make sure he was up (b/c like me he will reset the alarm for like 30 more min or a hour...LoL...bad habit that i havnt done in a while! )

This is the first guy at Truman that i have "talked" to...and its weird but i like it. its nice to get to actually see that person and hang out...im def not use to that. all my most recent (well a majority of my relationships) have been long distance. so this is def new to me...i dunno i am starting to like him, well let me rephrase that. i already liked him, but its growing...i am somewhat holding back because i dont want to get my feelings hurt again. i mean with ray he was "too busy" for me...but was on the low with some other chick...i just dont want the same thing to happen. im tired of starting something with someone for it to end in a dead end...i have no regrets b/c you learn from every decision that you make...but i have been patient...the good lord has taught me to be patient...maybe this will turn out to be something really good for me...ill keep praying on it to see how it turns out.

ok here is the house situation...i am the only one that cleans, i am the only one who buys plastic silverwear,plates, cups or toilet paper/paper towels....erica will wake me up from my naps...she will come get my computerand not puts it back...food is going missing...the dishes never get cleaned...the list goes on...oh and one roomey hasnt paid rent or bills....and this isnt the first time...its just annoying!!! i hate it...i dunno its justnot fun at all...something needs to change or i really will go crazy!!!!

well bak to the books...took a little break to write out my thoughts...i need to do that more often...it really does help!

.....until next time....

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