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Friday, February 1, 2013

(how do you guys like the new banner for Friday FITspiration !?!? :-) )

Do you see those great "100 Calorie" boxed foods
or the "100 Calories Snack Packs"
That they have at the store?

Yes they are great!! And they help you with controlling the portions that you eat
the only downfall...
they are usually MORE expensive OR you can never find the snack packs in you favorite snack

Well...i have a great suggestion for you!

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All you have to do is:

(1)  get a bag of your favorite HEALTHY snack
(2)  get some of the small plastic sandwich bags (or Tupperware containers) 
(3)  look on the BACK of your snack option and look at the nutritional information tag.  Find HOW MUCH one serving size is (like 22 chips/candies/etc)
(4)  put that many items in those plastic bags 
(5)  store them in your cabinet or fridge
and thats it!

You have made your very own 100 Calorie or Snack Pack!

I honestly do this when I do get chips or other things that I have to monitor how much I have.
It makes it easy so you are not tempted to "eat just a few more"
And you save money by not having to buy the already separated packs at the store!

Hope this was a helpful FITspiration tip!
Check back next week for more tips and motivation!
Have a Happy Healthy Weekend!


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hey hey! was just trying to browse some other fitness blogs like my own and came across yours! Love it! Will stop back regularly!


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