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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hope that all of you had a great xmas break and new years!

I know that his was by far one of my best xmas breaks i have ever had.

I got to see all my old friends from home and i got to meet some new ones! I got to spend some much needed time with my family and got to just enjoy being back in west Texas.   There is no place like home and i know that no matter when i end up moving for school or for my career...Texas will always have my heart and be my home!

Over the break i made a goal to take a little "media time out"
This is that i stayed off of facebook, did not do much with my blogs ( i did one LoL sunday and did not even post anything for my fitness blog!) the one thing i did do was check my email a few times and logged in to pay some bills at the first of the month. and i will have to say that it felt AMAZING!

I realized that during my everyday normal life i am always on the computer...checking facebook....on ebay or pinterest...working on things for work...or working on things for both blogs.  And while i was at home i spend all the down time i had with family and friends.  I felt that i needed to use all of my time with the people that i love the most and to make the most out of the time i was at home. Since i dont get to go home very often it was a great idea and i am glad that i did it.  I feel that i was able to use all the time that i had in a positive way.  I for once was not worried about making a deadline for work or making a post for the blog (or making a status for facebook).

I know that it is not possible for everyone but i do recommend that everyone try to take a Media TIme Out every one in a while.  Im not saying take 2 weeks like i did but take a day or 1/2 a day...or maybe even a weekend. I know that i will try to do this once a month (if not more if it is possible).  It just makes me feel so refreshed and i am not so dependent on my computer anymore (or my phone!).

Speaking of making goals...have you guys thought about new years resolutions?
I mean i know that i set personal goals for myself ALL THE TIME.  So i guess in all actuality i am making resolutions for myself on a monthly basis.  I am always pushing myself to be better and to do better with my life.  I guess that is just how i think...i like to be 2 steps ahead so i am always looking for things to add or change in my life. Anyone make any gr8 resolutions for this year?

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Yayy! I finally comment and it's not on one of your LoL Sunday posts lol (although today is Sunday)...anyway, I think your media time out idea is great. I actually did a project/experiment like that when I was in school, haha. I'd like to take a media time out myself, but with my job it's literally impossible. Social media is the reason I have a job, actually lol.

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