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Friday, March 25, 2011

well needless to say it is my fav. time of the year....MARCH MADNESS

it is my fav. HOLIDAY (and yes it is a holiday to me!) hence why i have been lacking in posting on my blog. i spend countless hours watching the games and cheering for the underdog teams to beat out the top seeds. even tho my bracket is all messed up, i enjoy seeing a good game with a small team that is playing as if it is their last game EVER.  i LOVE basketball!
Speaking of...i got to go to the games in chicago this year!! it was a first.
got to watch the Purdue game and the Notre Dame game.
i had a blast and it made me miss playing ball so much.

look at my tickets (so shiny!!) LoL...the flordia/Notre Dame game...the VCU/Purdue game...
see how close we are to the court!!! :)

this month has def. had alot going on for me!

went to chicago for the concert at the end of feb. ran to new orleans for spring break, then back to chicago for the march madness games. these past few weeks have been super busy and crazy. now it is back to reality and i gotta settle back into my regular routine.

i found a blog a while back and i read it when i can remember and this last post was the one that hit home. all of the expereinces i have had (in life but more so with dating) was explained so well! everything this person said is exactly what i have been thinking and feeling and they put it into words perfectly...


it is an awesome blog and the thing i loved the most about it was what they had to say to close the entry...

"Because instead of turning our attention away from me and steering it toward a he the has the potential to become a we- we’ve gotta learn how to have the me, have the he, and have the we, without losing all three."

And this is so true! i know that when it comes to me meeting a guy, my thoughts are consumed with the possiblity of "this" and the possibility of "that" that i am so blind to certain things that i would normally notice. you have to learn the balance and learn not to lose yourself and the efforts to find that "Mr. Right" and learn to distinguish the difference between that and the "Mr. Right Now". and i will say that i am still learning how to do that and belive that i have def. gotten alot better at it.

i know it would make me upset to see a guy choose someone else over me. and insted of seeing it as a blessing i would see it as why did they not choose me because of all my qualities. because investing in me would be like investing in their future. i am going places and for their social status i would be a good option. and i am glad that i have learned not to think that way anymore. i think over the past year i have def grown to learn my worth and to be happy with what cards the Lord deals me. i may not be happy with the situation but i always know that there is a reason for it.

I am learning to love and embrace EVERYTHING about me. the things i can or can not change. i am on this current journey with learning how to do/maintain my hair. for those of you who dont know, dealing with african american hair is a journey on its own! LoL
i have been "natural" all my life. never had a perm or n e other chemicals on my hair. i would usually just flat iron it or "press"it.  But as i am growing into woman-hood i am learning to embrace the curly -kinky - nappy wig the lord blesssed me with. it is fun to see the beauty that comes with the hard work of trying to figure it out. i had to cut a 1 to 2 inches off recently because my ends were "heat trained" and some parts "heat damaged". im learning all these terms and all these techniques.  If it wasnt for you tube i would totally be lost on this journey. LoL.  dont worry i will post pix.

 pix of me washing my hair...cutting it...and 2 diff styles i have tried so far :)

Well other than that life is good....God is good...and i will contiune to strive for those things i keep working towards. :)

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