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Friday, November 14, 2008

Well today...on a scale b/w one and 10 woould have to be a 7 or 8. Nothing exciting happened today, but i did get to wake up next to "him"...LoL we got to cuddle...might i add he did steal the covers last night leaving me cold, i just enjoy sleeping next to someone and having someone there. Im really getting use to "him" and i hate to admit it but i am starting to really like "him" too...not sure if that is in the "rules" or not but it is happeneing. i am trying my hardest to not get too emotionally attached b/c of what happend last time. i put so much into things with ray and look what happened. not to say that he will do that to me i just cant take that again. i just need a break i need something good. i need and want to be happy.

Classes such....havnt gotten into med school yet...but i am still looking at other options. i just hate the idea of me not being in med school next year. now i have to waste a year on school other than med school...but i dunno maybe it will be a good thing. right now school is hard for me b/c i am not motivated to do anything right now...LoL the semester is almost over but still...its just hard! im worn out!

we have our first bball tournament tomorrow! we have Mizzou, SIUE, and a team from illinois commin down. i am really excited! i hope that we win but i am also just excited to see how it goes.

Well im sure you already know that everyone knows, we have a BLACK president (yea this blog is late but i still have to talk aboutit). yes it is a big deal and i am just glad that i was able to witness it. i pray for him and his family saftey! but it is a great thing and the first lady is an AKA! :) the first and the finest! LoL...but yea just had to make that side note.

weeeeelll i am gonna surf the net some more and just get some stuff done..im at work and things are NICE :)

.......until next time.....

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