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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This WoRdLeSs WeDnEsDaY is brought to you by  Eden Fantasys!

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at EdenFantasys.com

I would like to share with you guys a FREE item i got to try out recently.
Thanks to the ppl at edenfantasys.com i was able to try out this gift for my birthday!

I will admit that i was a little apprehensive about trying these out.  In the past i have tried a few different products similar to these and was just overly impressed by what they actually did.  Now i am no sex vixen, but this definitely added a little spice to my experience. 

These hot and sexy lubrication set were very nice because it gave you a variety of things to try (and yes you can try them all at once or at different times...i suggest try them at different times because after using one they all kinda just smelled and tasted like a pile of sugary candy...LoL)

 I will have to say that the strawberry and cinnamon were definitely my favorite of the flavors i had to choose from.  This kit comes with 5 different lubricants each having their own different flavors.  The flavors they come in are Cinnamon, Hot cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Watermelon.  Like i said the  strawberry and cinnamon were my favorite (simply because i am not a big fan of the other flavors in general. But they did not taste bad at all).

For only $11.99 (which can be purchased on their website) you too can try to add these to enhance your next encounter with your partner.  I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking to add a little spice!

Make sure to check out their other items! They have many different items that can cater to anyone and they are all at a very reasonable price!! Each item also has costumer reviews so that you can see how other buyers felt about the product they just purchased.  They have dozens of sex toys that you can choose from.  The perfect gift to try out this holiday season or maybe you are looking for a gift for a friends bachelorette gift! They also have other lubricants that you can try.  I definitely would recommended the kits with more than one flavor so that you can find a flavor that you and your partner will enjoy.

So if you do decided to try something new this holiday season (or for a special occasion that is coming up) I would HIGHLY recommended checking out Eden Fantasys to help you spice up things in your bedroom!

 (Click on image above to go to the website!)

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Happy birthday to you!! :) Glad you enjoyed it! ;)

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Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment ;) hope you can come back again soon! x I'm enjoying reading your blog!

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